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Blackfriars Staging is an established company that provides bespoke stages and settings for live events, conferences and exhibitions. We offer a complete range of services including stage hire, steel decking, carpentry, metalwork, scene painting, prop making, project management, transport and on-site construction.

No project is too big or complex for us. From conferences for NATO summits to live event stages, or a band setting for live music events like The Brit Awards, we have the skills and experience to make your event a complete success. Contact us today if you would like to stage a live event, exhibition or conference and are looking for superior set construction in the UK.


Set Construction in UK Ideas



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Live Events

Blackfriars Staging has unparalleled experience in the area of live events including awards ceremonies, television and performance staging. Some of the major events we have successfully delivered include The National Television Awards, Various band looks at The Brit Awards, Sky at the Tate, The Real Variety Show, The Wimbledon Gala and many more.

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 Set Construction in UK Live Events




If you are arranging a conference, we can fulfil a range of needs by supplying sets from our extensive stock of staging and flattage. Alternatively we can produce bespoke sets tailored to your specifications. Our credits include major conferences for The G8 Summit, The NATO Summit, Nokia, AkzoNobel, Puma, BMW, Google and a number of other major organisations.

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 Set Construction in UK Conferences




We also have significant experience building exhibition stands both nationally and internationally. We can assist you in designing original concepts through to the design stage, all the way up to the finished product. Notable credits include Samsung, Hertz, Net-a-Porter, Stelara, Tesco, Google as well as hundreds of smaller brands and companies.

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 Set Construction in UK Exhibitions




 CNC Cutting Services 

Our new CNC machine will cut sheet sizes as large as 3.05m x 2.15m. We cut plywood, laminate, MDF, acrylics and polycarbonate etc. We can use your own vectored drawings or create a program according to your needs. Order with us online or source directly at our workshop.

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 Set Construction in UK




Why Choose Blackfriars Staging?


Blackfriars Staging has been in operation for more than 40 years, delivering first class projects at home and abroad. You can be sure that whatever your needs are, we have the tools and knowledge to build you a stunning stage that will exceed your expectations.

Complete Service

We can work with all varieties of client. You could have detailed CAD drawings with clear requirements as to what you need us to do. Alternatively, you may just have visual ideas and need assistance from us to turn these into effective designs. In either case, we have the designers, project managers and construction teams to bring your ideas to life.

Environmentally Aware

Working sustainably is at the heart of our business. We comply with all environmental legislation and protect the environment by minimising waste and disposing of it at the right channels. We monitor our environmental performance and regularly look at ways to improve our processes.





Our Location and Coverage

We have recently moved our workshops from London SE1 to new larger premises in London SE7. This will enable us to manufacture and store even more stock, stages and custom set builds. We've worked in a number of locations around the world including, Europe, Asia and the USA, so we have no limitations on where we can work. If you need set construction in the UK or internationally, contact us today at Blackfriars Staging.


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